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For your security, our property provides the following features:
Double locks
Surveillance cameras*
Manager on duty 24 hours
For your personal security please read the following
Do not admit an unknown person
Keep your keys safe
Do not leave children unattended in the room
Do not leave windows open overnight
Do not run on the premises especially at the pool
General security information
No lifeguard on duty at the pool (see pool rules)
*Not available at Richard’s Motel Courtyard yet


While you are enjoying your stay at Richard’s Motel in the tropical climate and the warm weather we want you to feel “right at home” while you are our guest.  Despite the attention that our staff devotes to our guests, to ensure their security and safety, our hotel is located on Federal Highway (US1) which is a very busy street that runs through the entire state of Florida.   Federal Highway is the central point of our “relaxation destination, however, we need to be aware of our surroundings during the day and night.  This includes keeping your hotel room door locked at all times, making sure all valuables are hidden away and not brought with you to the pool and patio areas, locking all windows, using the top lock, when you leave your room for any period of time, and not opening your hotel room door for anyone that you do not know, unless they have clearly identified themselves to you.

In Room Safes: To ensure the safety of our guests and their valuables, we have installed in-room safes in most of our units.   We are awaiting the arrival of additional boxes to ensure that all units contain an in-room safe  Their use throughout your stay, in addition to the efforts of our staff to ensure the safety of our guests, these in-room safes  will help to ensure that your valuables are safe and your stay with us is most relaxing and enjoyable.

Regarding parking, we have installed proper lighting and video monitoring, however, in order to avoid any issues, please always lock your car doors  and do not leave any valuables in your vehicle in plain sight. Please note:  The Fire Department and Police Department are less than a mile away.

We are making every effort to keep the premises and our guests safe, as they enjoy their stay with us. Our professional staff is continuously dedicated to your safety and will act quickly if an issue should occur. If you have any questions or safety concerns, you may contact our Front Desk,24 hours per day at (954) 921-6418